RADnuts - Derby Team Special

A special offer for Derby Teams only !

RADnuts is an innovative, fashionable, and bearing protective accessory to be installed on the wheels of your longboard, cruiser, or roller skates. RADnuts are lightweight and don't affect your ride. They are made of a locknut (8mm axles) welded inside a sturdy plastic body making the whole assembly nearly indestructible. A tool is delivered in each pack to screw / unscrew the RADnuts.

We love Roller Derby and want to fully support all teams so they can organize and participate in more and more events. So we created the Derby Team special, an awesome way to increase merchandising of the teams by selling the RADnuts. We offer fully customized RADnuts at a discounted price of $11.70 per pack with a 20 packs MOQ for all derby teams and only Derby Teams. The RADnuts are delivered in a bright plastic cube so teams are then able to re-sell it at $20 to their fans or wear them during bouts.

Thanks to our digital printing process and local manufacturing we ship the RADnuts with Derby Teams graphics in 10 business days maximum after graphic confirmation. The logo will be printed (it's not a sticker) in High Quality, will last forever in every conditions and can even resist to scratches.

Graphic must have the following specifications:
- Disk of 1.4" (35.84mm) diameter plus a bleed of 0.04" (1mm) all around
- 350dpi minimum, vector based if possible for better results
- file type: ai, eps, psd, png, jpeg

For each order we will check before printing that the file you send meets our printing specifications.

Each pack includes 4 RADnuts + 1 tool.

RADnuts is compatible with a majority of the wheels on the market, but not all of them. Please check the compatibility list on our website to see if your wheels are compatible or not: Compatibility list Roller Skate

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$ 234.00

Shipment will be done in 10 business days maximum. Shipping time depends of the country and can be up to 10 business days (3 days only in France and USA).

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